The Different Types of Pool Finishes in Florida (And Which One Is Best For You)

The pool's finish always comes in matter since it enhances the pool's design and makes it more attractive. Different needs people approach differently as many require a stone-like look so they go for textured tiles. Therefore, an abundance of options is available for Florida pool finishes. These include plaster, aggregate, pebbles, and many others which have preferences as per their durability, quality, appearance, and other aspects. Located in the Southeast, completely coastal area, most of the homeowners have a pool in Florida. Thus, this has always been a situation in which finish will be better for their pool.

The Best Finish in Florida for your Pool that Suits More 

When it's time to renovate the interior of their pool, homeowners have a number of Florida pool finishes to choose from. There are several types of pool finishes available, but 5 common types include:

Plaster Finish

This is one of the most traditional and economical pool finishes available. Plaster is a mixture of cement, sand, and water that is applied to the pool surface. It can be dyed in different colors, but it is prone to staining, cracking, and fading over time.

Pebble Finish

Pebble finishes are made of small pebbles and stones mixed with cement to create a textured, natural-looking surface. This type of finish is more durable than plaster and is available in a variety of colors.

Tile Finish

Although Tile is the traditional finish it provides a high-end look to any pool. They are durable, long-lasting, and come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Tile finishes are also easy to clean and maintain.

Aggregate Finish

Aggregate finishes are similar to pebble finishes, but they use a smaller size of aggregate, which creates a smoother surface. This type of finish is more slip-resistant than other finishes and is available in a variety of colors and textures.

Microplaster & waterproofing

This is the new addition in the market that has been changing the complete trend of finish. Today, Microplaster & waterproofing is not only used just in Florida in fact it is used widely in many provinces of the United States among pool lovers. 

However, this is amongst the best Florida pool finishes and people in this state mostly install this one since it is very easy to install and has long durability. Most surprisingly it can be installed in existing pools and prevent further damage and scratch.

By wrapping up all….

Although there are many options for Florida pool finishes; Tile, Aggregate, Pebble, and Plaster, Microplaster has been an emerging preference for homeowners. Whether you are choosing the pool especially for swimming and other entertaining activities or for just adding to make your home's overall look great then we highly recommend Microplaster.

Skin Microplaster is a prominent name for pool finishes that come with a durable material that protects the pool from damage and leakage. Moreover, contractors and companies are working with us for a long time and getting this finish to add to their pool construction. Our skilled team will install this just in a few hours instead of taking days or weeks that other options take.


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